A short time ago, Nokia posted a teaser for an event they would be hosting on October 22nd, which has today been expanded upon with the release of a second teaser image showing them to be livestreaming the event over the internet.

During the event we expect that the company will unveil new product lines for their Lumia range of devices, possibly announcing the release of a new Lumia tablet or something like that, but the teaser doesn’t really reveal any clues, yes there’s a smartphone, tablet and a laptop on it, but we doubt Nokia will be announcing their own laptop anytime soon, however it is possible they could be announcing a device that could become all three, sort of like a Surface/ PadFone mixture.

However for the official stuff we will just have to wait.

Nokia will be broadcasting the event live on their Nokia Conversations blog at 8AM UK time and 11AM Abu Dhabi time.

Source: Nokia

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