Today being Mobile World Congress a lot of companies are under pressure to reveal some of the best phones they plan to release over the course of this year, one of these companies is Nokia who so far have done nothing to disappoint.

Most recently Nokia has just unveiled three new phones at the same time called the Asha 202, 203 and 302, The 202 will feature dual-SIM card functionality’s, alongside some other great features that all of the phones will include.

Some of the things that all of the new Symbian 30 smartphones will include is the new Nokia Life UI, packed with new social features allowing users to share content and submit polls to other Asha users.

But that isn’t the best part alongside what the phones can do Nokia will also be offering 40 free EA games from the Nokia Store during your first 60 days of ownership.

The 302 is a bit different from the 202 and 203 as it comes with more socially beefed up features including Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp and push-email. Alongside this, the device also packs a 1GHz processor as well as a “cloud-accelerated” Nokia browser.


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