Nokia posted a save the date on their Twitter earlier that reveals it will be hosting an event on October 22nd, but doesn’t provide information on where, with the only clue being a picture of sand dune skiers, which could simply be a link to their PureView technology, but could also mean that the company might be hosting it in the middle east or UAE.

Rumors suggest that at the event the company will unveil their first 6 inch device, reportedly called the Nokia Lumia 1520, however there is no confirmation of that just yet, and there’s also the chance they could be revealing the long-rumored Nokia Sirus tablet, but again there’s no confirmation of that.

However the “#innovationreinvented”, could hint to the company revealing something that’s new but still uses similar design and technologies as previous devices, linking to a 6 inch device or even a tablet.

However at the moment all we can do is suggest things they might unveil, but should no more in the coming weeks.

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