The Nokia X smartphone is something that has been churning around the rumour mill for sometime, slated for a February 24th unveiling at Mobile World Congress, the handset is rumoured to run on Android, and debut before Microsoft complete their acquisition of the company, possibly in order for Nokia to create one last hurrah.

These rumours now seem to be true, as Nokia have now posted a message on its blog telling readers to “make your way to the meeting point for all the news next Monday” with an image that displayed an “X”.

So it seems that the smartphone will be unveiled on Monday, but as of yet we don’t know what it might include or look like.

There has however been a few leaked images from @evleaks for the handset, as well as some specs, which are said to include a 4 inch display, Qualcomm S4 processor, 3 megapixel camera, 4GB of storage, 512MV of RAM and an SD card slot.

Rumours also suggest that Nokia have tailored the Android interface to look more like Windows Phone.

Nokia’s event will take place at 7:30am GMT on Monday, so we will let you know all of the official stuff shortly after.

Source: Nokia Blog

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