At the beginning of 2017, Nokia announced that they had taken over the connected health company, Withings. Today they revealed the results of that takeover, introducing their first set of products since the takeover was first concluded.

This comes after Nokia previously rebranded Withings’ already released health products.

Today they updated that lineup with the addition of two new ones, the Nokia Body which is a BMI Wi-Fi enabled weighing scale and the Nokia BPM+, which is a blood pressure monitor.

The Nokia Body will be in the same lineup as the Body+ and the Body Cardio scales and will provide you and your family with all the weight data that you could need.

It is capable of storing profiles for up to 8 different users and then record the daily records of those users and then sync it for each individual within the Nokia Health Mate app. The Nokia Body will also be able to monitor your BMI data and let you know how you can stay within your weight goals.

It will also provide personalised coaching from the companion app.

You can pick up the Nokia Body today for £55.

The Nokia BPM+ is a new blood pressure monitor that has a compact design and has been created to be worn on your wrist and then constantly track the users blood pressure on the go.

It will then monitor you systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as your heart rate.

It is also available now for £115.

And on top of all of that, Nokia also updated the Health Mate app for both iOS and Android with a new design and some new features on top.

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