Nokia has this week revealed that it will be acquiring the health and wearables company Withings.

The deal is said to be worth €170 million, or around £131/ $191 million, and is said to be a step that will help Nokia “lead the next wave of innovation in digital health.”.

The CEO of Withings, Cédric Hutchings explained with the following:

“Today we can proudly say we are leading the connected health revolution, inventing smart, beautiful things to give people the knowledge they need to live happier, healthier lives.”

“When we were approached by Nokia, it was inspiring to discover how perfectly aligned our visions are. Together, we believe we can truly transform the world.”

Withings was first launched in 2008, and has since made itself known for a tonne of tech including its Activite watches, wearables, scales, thermometers and much more.

After the deal has concluded, Withings will become a division of Nokia Technologies, who are responsible for Nokia’s technology products, including the Ozo virtual reality camera and N1 tablet.

Withings has insisted that its existing products and applications will continue to work as expected after the deal.

Sources: Nokia, Withings

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