Nokia has this week debuted their OZO professional level VR camera, which features real-time preview, wireless operation capabilities and full 3D 360 degree audio and video broadcasting.

The device was initially teased in late July, but Nokia didn’t announce anything more until now.

The camera will be priced at $60,000 and will be able to capture stereoscopic 3D video and special audio, capturing content via eight synchronized shutter sensors and integrated microphones.

Users can then import footage into the OZO software, which is also able to allow users to view the 3D content in real-time, and content can be published for hardware like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive VR, Samsung Gear VR, Sony PlayStation VR and the Microsoft HoloLens.

“We’re at the dawn of an exciting new medium that will transform the way people connect to stories, events, and the world around them,” Nokia President Ramzi Haidamus said in a statement.

“OZO is a powerful tool designed for the professional creators who will answer the most exciting and intriguing questions about the possibilities for virtual reality,” Haidamus continued.

You can watch the video below for a quick look.

You can also find out more at the source link below.

Source: Nokia

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