In case you haven’t heard, some pretty exciting stuff happened recently, Nominet opened the registration of new and shorter .uk domain names to the public, allowing anyone to brand their website with the love of the UK.

Since the launch of the new domain names, Nominet has announced that more than 50,000 .uk domains have been registered in the last 24 hours, which they say makes the domains release is one of the fastest selling on record, even beating the first dat sales for their new generic TLDs.

“Consumers and brands alike are showing their trust in .uk domains, with our registration rates climbing to ten times the typical daily rate. We’re thrilled with the response, which shows the excitement people feel about the shorter, sharper domain within the trusted .uk namespace ,” Eleanor Bradley, Chief Operating Officer at Nominet said in the company’s blog post.

And we have to say this is likely for good reason, the opening of the .uk domain is something that has been a long time coming and we at TechNutty openly welcome it, already switching or shortened domain from to and looking at the possibility of moving to (currently we do have set-up, however it simply redirects to for the time being).

Thankfully we are not alone either, as Nominet says that big brands like Sainsbury’s, Bentley and Burburry have already registered their domains, alongside the great Stephen Fry, who made the complete switch on his blog earlier today.

And there’s still a lot more to come according to Nominet, who stated that over ten million existing UK domain name holders are being given first choice on the shorter domain over the next year, and it’s almost certain that there will be many new people registering with the domain in the future.

It will certainly be interesting to see how many of these make the full switch however.

Source: Nominet

Image Via: Tsohost (Twitter)

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