Barnes & Noble have today announced their movie and TV show service has gone live in the UK, now accessible from the Nook HD and Nook HD+ tablets, making them the first company to offer an UltraViolet digital locker service alongside its cloud service.

The UltraViolet technology, in case you didn’t know allows users to download and view their digital UV versions of a film using the application, which is often accompanied with Blu-Ray and DVD copies of the film allowing users to download a digital copy of it alongside the physical, within the app itself you would simply register the disc code and the film will be stored in a UV account.

Barnes & Noble have also announced that the application will be making its way to other devices including the iPad and Android tablets but that will come at a later date.

Alongside the other features of the app, the Nook Video store will also offer an extensive collection of movies and TV shows provided by various content sources including  BBC, HBO, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, STARZ, and Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Content which is available can either be rented or purchased in both standard and high-definition.

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