A new Kickstarter project has today been launched called Notti, designed to notify users of what is going on in a sleeker and more attention grabbing manner.

It does this by allowing users to control it via a smartphone app and set Notti to change the colour of its light depending on the notification type that they receive, allowing the user to change the colour of the light to something like Blue for Facebook notifications, Orange for Snapchat messages and basically any other colour for any other type of notification, be it a call, a Twitter message or even a push notification from your favourite website.

These apps can be loaded on more or less any device, including those which run on both Android and iOS.

Once set-up and connected the smart-light can last 720+ hours in notification mode and 5 hours in the continuous light mode according to the project page.

Notti will also have 16 million different colours that can be chosen from for each notification and will come with both a morning wake up light and a music mode that will allow the light to change colour according to the rhythm.

To grab your own Notti you simply need to back the project via its Kickstarter page priced at $65+ for the early bird package, or $75+ after that.

Check out the source link below for a quick look, and don’t forget to hit play on the video above for a quick look.

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