EE are offering a new limited edition SIM as part of a new partnership with the Radio 1 and YouTube creators Dan and Phil.

The SIM will be offered for free and will include 100GB of free data each month to use, this will allow users who have a 4G compatible phone to try out EE’s 4G services for two months free of charge, after which the user will be able to chose a pay as you go package and carry on using EE’s services without a contract but at a charge.

To access the deal you will need to sign up by 23:59 on 21st December 2014 on the company’s dedicated page, after which EE will send you out one of the free SIMs, you then need to simply pop the SIM into your phone within 14 days of getting it and your done.

There is however a catch, you will also have to put up with weekly text messages that will contain promotional information.

If that doesn’t both you and you would like to check out 4G from EE, simply head on over to the source link below and fill in the form.

Source: EE

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