As they teased earlier this week, Sky officially revealed their new Now TV box at an event in London.

Alongside this, Sky also revealed the Now TV Combo, which will pack a streaming service pass, an unlimited broadband package and a phone line connection, with a Now TV Smart Box and all without a contract.

This Now TV Combo will be priced differently depending on what you want. With a broadband package and a landline deal it will start at £9.99 a month alongside £17.99 a month, however, you can upgrade this with better broadband and phone packages, but that will cost more.

You can also get the box without a monthly subscription. It is priced at £40 separately.

It will be released from early July, featuring a digital TV tuner, access to all of the Now TV apps and services.

You will need a Freeview tuner to access this live TV content.

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