Sky has today revealed that they will be hosting an event for members of the press on June 29th. At the event, it is said that they will be revealing a new set-top box for their Now TV service.

We already know that the new Now TV box will be 4K-ready, but Sky has said that there will be a lot more to announce than that.

We also expect to see some announcements for the Now TV subscription packages, which is hinted at in a video that was sent to the press, hinting at what Sky will be announcing during the event.

However, they did not confirm a package update, simply hinted at one.

Previously, we have heard that Sky will be added a digital tuner to the box so that it won’t only be able to access internet content, but also content over the air.

However, the fine details of the box have not yet been revealed.

We will let you know about the official news when it happens on June 29th.

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