The UK energy Provider, nPower has this week announced that it will be teaming up with Nest to offer the Nest thermostat to customers in the UK for just £129, which is quite the discount from the normal £199 price tag.

This deal will be available for both existing customers and new customers, and will allow users to bring their home’s heating into the 21st century easily.

If you don’t know what Nest is, basically it is a smart system that will learn the temperature you want and the times you want it, remember it and then automatically set the temperature based on what it learned.

With Nest you are also able to adjust temperature remotely from your phone, or directly from the thermostat itself.

Neil Pennington, nPower’s Director of Innovation, stated the following about the deal, “The third generation of Nest is even better at learning what customers like – it’s slimmer, sleeker and uses intelligent technology, aiming to save money and energy. This offer is one  of the best ways of getting your hands on a new Nest, and it’s available to both new and existing customers.”

You can find out more details, and grab the deal for yourself at the source link below.

You should note that you do have to be with nPower in order to take advantage of the deal, so you will have to switch providers if you think its worth it.

Source: nPower

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