Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5 is the newest update to Nuance’s amazing speech recognition software which allows you to dictate whatever you want through a mic or even your iPhone and you computer will actually type it. One of the things that makes Dragon Naturally Speaking different from all the other speech recognition softwares out there is it’s quick and easy set up process.

If you have used any type of speech recognition before you will know that setting it up can be an extremely difficult and long-winded process, where you will simply spend hours training the software to recognise your voice, but not with Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5 which only takes around 5 minutes, after which the software will be able to understand you fully for all basic commands throughout the system.


If the basic set-up is not enough for you though, you can also import a document into the software itself in order to add any specialist vocabulary that you may use within your work, as well as taking another more advanced test, allowing the system to completely learn how you speak.

Even after this the software will sometimes get a few words wrong from time to time, which with some software can make typing a document really tricky, but Nuance have sorted this problem allowing you to easily fix any errors DNS 11.5 may bring through some simple voice commands. For example if you do spot an error within a document all you will have to say is the command “correct” alongside the word which contains the error, after which Dragon will bring up a list of other words it could be with numbers alongside from which all you will have to do is choose the number corresponding with the correct word.


Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5 will also work with any application which requires a keyboard/ mouse, allowing you to dictate within more or less any application that is installed onto your computer along DNS, as well as this Dragon also comers with a few clever grammatical commands allowing you to add things like brackets just by saying “bracket that”.

As well as these great transcription features Dragon Naturally Speaking can also be used to actually control your PC via a set range of commands such as launching applications and performing fixed tasks such as launching programs through commands such as “launch Internet Explorer” and then you can add tasks like “search web for…”, this will all allow you to control a wide variety of programs within your computer with great ease, alongside this Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5 even supports Microsoft’s latest Internet Explorer 9 alongside the ability to post messages on your Twitter and Facebook.

As well as this Nuance have even added a finer control they like to call “mouse grid” which allows you to use the mouse on your screen with your voice through some very simple commands, such as Mouse left” and “mouse click”. This si probably one of the best features that comes with the software as it can give great accessibly to those whom are unable to use a mouse.

As an added new feature Nance have also released their very own iPhone app this year which will allow you to use your iPhone as a wireless mic of sorts, which can be connected to the software on your computer over your wireless network, allowing you to dictate to Dragon whilst taking a stroll round to house meaning you don’t even have to be at your PC to use it.

In order to access these features you will first have to download the Nuance iPhone App [iTunes Link] from the App Store onto your iPhone, once you have done this you will then be able to launch the app which will automatically connect to your PC as long as you are on the same network, but if this doesn’t work you can just type in your computers IP address manually.

Dragon Naturally Speaking is available for around £100 on both the PC and Mac [Amazon Link], but if you are lucky enough to have already owned Dragon Naturally Speaking 11 you can upgrade to the new 11.5 for free. Once you are a Dragon user make sure to check out Nuance I Speak Dragon campaign for the chance to win and iPad 2!

UK Nuance - Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 Premium
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