Alongside the NVIDIA Tegra X1, BVIDIA announced something to go with the processor at their press conference at CES 2015 today, called NVIDIA DRIVE CX.

NVIDIA says that DRIVE CX is the new generation digital cockpit and is set to bring the car to the future, allowing cars to provide so much more technology than what is available today.

One of the coolest features of DRIVE CX is that it can provide technology to power digital dashboards, high-resolution side mirrors, cockpit displays and a lot more according to the company, who state that the chip can power up to four Full HD screens at the same time or even two 4K displays.

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang states that it is “the most advanced digital cockpit computer in the world,” and can support every major OS in the world, which NVIDIA says includes Android, Linux and QNX. It is also supported by the Maxwell GPU.

All of this also comes side by side with a new rendering engine which has been called DRIVE Studio, this will allow car companies to use the DRIVE CX with NVIDIA’s software to create on screen visuals and allow for various other features, one which NVIDIA announced was the ability to change dials to look like materials.

Screenshot 2015-01-05 04.37.23

Alongside DRIVE CX, NVIDIA also announced something they are calling NVIDIA DRIVE PX, which they have nicknamed the auto-pilot car computer.

The PX includes dual Tegra X1 processors, 12 camera inputs and 1.3GPix.sec speeds. NVIDIA says that with all of this they can provide a better system with the use of various cameras.

To do this NVIDIA uses not one but two NVIDIA Tegra X1 processors in order to recognise surrounding conditions with the use of up to 12 cameras, allowing the car to detect cars, pedestrians and even ambulances.

NVIDIA says that this all comes into play with something called Deep Learning and the Deep Neural Network, which uses those equipped cameras and NVIDIA’s technology to learn how to and quickly recognise various surrounding features such as road signs that will allow the system to learn the roads speed and even pedestrian signs.

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