NVIDIA has today announced what they claim to be the world’s first mobile super chip called the Tegra Z1, featuring speeds that totally blow the Tegra K1 out of the water.

All made possible because of the Maxwell architecture, NVIDIA says that the X1 can achieve high performance from this small chip but with high energy efficiency, so high that it provides twice the performance than the K1.

What is interesting is that the X1 can even run any application that requires the Maxwell architecture, revealing during their press conference that the X1 can run games like Elemental in Unreal Engine 4.

In terms of specs the X1 has a 256-core Maxwell GPU, 8 core 64-bit CPU, the ability to play 4Kp60 10-bit H.265/ VP9 and is even the first mobile chip to exceed 1 teraflop of throughput, which is the first device to do that since 2000, which required more than 1 million watts.

NVIDIA didn’t announce when we might expect to see the chip in phones and other devices, however they did announce another product that will use it called the NVIDIA DRIVE CX, which is set to bring the next generation cockpit to the car.


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