During the Computex 2015 event NVIDIA today announced the launch of its new G-SYNC monitors and notebooks, featuring its new display technology.

Designed to provide users with smooth and tear-free gaming, G-SYNC is said to provide supreme quality whilst gaming.

This is the first time a notebook has been equipped with this technology, with new gaming notebooks to be unveiled by ASUS, AORUS, Clevo and MSI will be available later this month.

“You’ll find G-SYNC on gaming rigs with a single GPU like the GTX 980M. Or you can get it on machines running two GPUs in SLI. It’s also available on displays from 15.6 to 17.3 inches, and resolutions up to 4K.”

These notebook announcements comes along with the new Acer X34 curved, ultra-wide 34-inch monitor.

NVIDIA G-Sync monitor

Also featuring the new G-Sync technology, the monitor is said to also come alongside some announcements of ASUS’s own G-Sync monitors.

NVIDIA explained this new G-Sync technology with the following:

“G-SYNC works by synchronizing your monitor refresh rate to the output from our GeForce GPUs. Sometimes called variable refresh rate, this fixes the challenge of stutter and tearing that has plagued gaming since its beginning.”

You can find out more at the source link below.

Source: NVIDIA

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