Nvidia hasn’t revealed details about what they plan to reveal during the Game Developers Conference, they have revealed that they will be attending GDC 2017 earlier this month with their GeForce GTX Gaming Celebration, however, they did not reveal details about what they plan to do at the event.

Well today, they may have just let to cat out of the bag, posting a countdown on their website, along with the message: “IT’S ALMOST TIME #ULTIMATEGEFORCE”.

If you take a closer look at that you will notice that they have made the ‘TI” bold in that message, hinting at the upcoming unveiling of a new TI card.

If you look further into the page via dev tools then you will find out what card that Ti will be released for, with two references in the file names for the embedded video, which were titled:


So we can expect to see the announcement of the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, which is something that we have been waiting for, given the rumored details, it should be a good option for those who want a little more about of the GTX 1080, but don’t want a Titan X.

Here are the rumored specifications and comparisons between the cards.

GTX 1080 GTX 1080 TI Titan X
GPU: GP104-400 GP102 GP102
Process node: 16nm FinFet 16nm FinFet 16nm FinFet
CUDA cores 2,560 3,328 3,584
Base speed: 1,607MHz 1,503MHz 1,417MHz
Boost speed: 1,733MHz 1,623MHz 1,531MHz
Performance: 8.87 TFLOPS 10.8 TFLOPS 11 TFLOPS
Memory speed: 10,000MHz 10,000MHz 10,000MHz
Memory bus: 256-bit 320-bit? 384-bit
Memory bandwidth: 320GB/s 480GB/s 480GB/s
TDP: 180 watts 250 watts 250 watts
Price: $600 $900? $1,200

Of course, none of this is official just yet, however, we will be sure to update you as soon as we hear more.

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