Today NVIDIA has launched their own new gaming site called TegraZone, which is dedicated to mobile gaming on Tegra-powered smartphones and tablets, accompanying the TegraZone application available for Andriod devices.

The TegraZone site will help you discover the biggest and best games optimised for your Tegra-powered device, TegraZone will allow you to browse the entire selection of Tegra optimised games, readd professional reviews, as well as high-resolution screenshots and HD videos with behind the scenes footage of for the game.

When you have decided on a game the TegraZone site will then take you directly to the Andriod Market to download the app, and will allow you to share titles with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

You can access TegraZone from anywhere where there is an internet connection, and will include everything that is in the TegraZone app as will as a community forums and giveaways.

What so you think about the TegraZone site? Is it something you will use?

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