Today NVIDIA unveiled a brand new mini PC that has been designed to be used with self-driving cars.

Called the NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 AI computing platform, it has been fitted with a single processor and is capable of completing auto cruise functions that include highway automated driving and HD mapping.

Whilst doing that, it consumes just 10W of power. It is powered by NVIDIA’s new system-on-chip, a GPU that is based on the Pascal architecture, and a NVIDIA Parker SoC. With all this, it can process inputs from cameras, lidar, radar, and ultrasonic sensors.

NVIDIA explained more:

Bringing an AI computer to the car in a small, efficient form factor is the goal of many automakers,” said. “NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 in the car solves this challenge for our OEM and tier 1 partners, and complements our data center solution for mapping and training.

DRIVE PX 2 enables automakers and their tier 1 suppliers to accelerate production of automated and autonomous vehicles. A car using the small form-factor DRIVE PX 2 for AutoCruise can understand in real time what is happening around it, precisely locate itself on an HD map and plan a safe path forward.

This isn’t something that you are going to buy to fit to your own car, however, it is aimed for use with manufacturers directly, it will be available to those production partners in the fourth quarter of 2016.

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