Nvidia announced the release of their new Shield Android TV box during their CES 2017 press conference today.

It has been designed to be a complete set-top box solution to getting Android TV on your big screen with support for Google’s Assistant and 4K playback. It also comes with access to a range of apps, with full 4K HDR support from Netflix and Amazon Video, making it the only device that is currently capable of that.

The Shield will also work with Samsung’s SmartThings connected home platform that also allows it to be a central hub for your smart home accessories like lights, cameras, and other devices, while working with the GeForce Now system for 4K HDR game streaming of a number of titles such as Watch Dogs 2 and For Honor, alongside the existing titles in their Steam game store.

They also revealed the launch of a new controller for the box and a new peripheral called the Nvidia Spot, which connects to the Shield and offers Google Home-esk functionality for anywhere in your house.

The updated Nvidia Shield Android TV will start shipping later this month for $199, with pre-orders starting today.

The Nvidia Spot will be available for $39.99.

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