Since its launch the only apps offering Passbook support where a couple of airlines, a hotel app and Starbucks, which is why I have been on the lookout for something good to try this technology out once and for all.

During my search I noticed that both Odeon and Harvester where offering Passbook capable vouchers to users of the new iOS 6 feature.

Odeon who are a cinema chain, are offering customers a voucher which will grant them 30% off movie tickets excluding Madagascar 3 between Sunday and Thursday and until October 18th.

All you have to do to grab it is head on over to Odeon sites on your iPhone and add the voucher to your Passbook, easy as that.

Harvester are also offering Passbook coupons to iOS 6 users, this time for £5 off when you spend £30 until October 20th,  which will be a good way to finish off the film you just got 30% off for.

To get the Passbook coupon for that deal you have to the same thing, just head over to their site.

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