This Friday over 2 million O2 customers where left without the ability to make calls, send texts or even access web services, which obviously annoyed a lot of the people affected.

The problem has now been fixed and the problem has to been found to be a failure with one of the company’s network nodes, which help connect users to the network and use their services.

O2 have apologised for the issue and have said anyone that is still have problems should try turning their phone on and off again, but will for some reason not be offering any compensation to customers for the issue.

Within their post they said the following, “While the network outage on the afternoon of October 12th was highly regrettable we will not be offering compensation in this case.”

In my opinion this is terrible on O2’s part, for which they should defiantly be offering some sort of voucher or money back for those effected.

Let me know what you think about this in the comments below.

Source: O2 News

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