O2 has today announced the launch of two new sharing plans that will allow its customer to share allowances across multiple devices, allowing them to share data between family members in trade for one single bill.

The new Sharer Plan will allow users to share data with up to 10 devices as long as you are on the O2 Refresh tariff, however it will be available to both new and existing customers.

Customers with at least 1GB or more of data on the O2 Refresh tariff can share their data between these devices for an extra £6 a month.

At the moment O2 will only be supporting customers who are on the monthly tariff, and at the moment Pay & Go or Business plans won’t be supported on the new plan.

The shared data from this plan can also be monitored through the My O2 application for the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, and once you or your shared members shave reached up to 80 per cent of the data allowance O2 will send you a text reminder.

The second plan has been dubbed the Family Sharer plan and although it is similar, it will instead allow users to take out one plan with a data allowance of between 1GB and 8GB and then share it between up to 9 family members.

The second plan will cost £6 per person that you add, on top of the £15 for those who want to also include unlimited calls and texts.

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