O2 have today launched their own VoIP service, named TU GO. The app will allow pay monthly customers with the service to make calls over the internet from an  Apple, Android, or Windows 7 device through a dedicated application, allowing customers to make calls over Wi-Fi.

Through the app, customers can make and receive calls as well as send messages and retrieve their voicemail (as long as the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network).

There will also be an app for Windows 7 on PCs that will allow users to look at their voicemail and send messages.

To set-up a user simply downloads the app and then authenticates their device via a text messages, TU GO will then be able to use all of the aforementioned services as it was your phone, and can even run on devices such as the iPad and iPod Touch, in fact you can connect up to five devices at the same time, at which point, upon receiving a call all of your connected devices will ring.

All calls made from the service will be charged at the normal rate, added to your monthly bill

The app is available today from iTunes and Google Play, with support for Windows Phone and BlackBerry coming in the future.

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