The Galaxy S III is most defiantly the biggest news to come out of the Android platform recently, becoming on of the most anticipated phones of 2012, but if you live in the UK it can sometimes be hard to get your hands on these phones as your favourite carrier doesn’t sell them.

But never fear as O2 (my personal favourite carrier alongside GiffGaff of course) have just announced that they will be stocking the next Galaxy smartphone, which we think will be called the Galaxy S3.

This announcement was confirmed to Pocket-lint in which they stated:

“We are excited about the next Samsung Galaxy – that’s why it’ll be coming to us too. It’s not a Voda exclusive… but not much more for us to say at this stage!”

This makes O2 the second carrier to be stocking this phone in the UK, alongside Vodaphone who announced their part in selling the phone a little while ago, apart from that we can’t really say much  more but make sure you check us out on May 3rd for more news from the Samsung Unpacked Event where the phone will be announced.

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