Today the UK_based mobile carrier O2 announced a new deal with the City of London Corporation in order to bring free 1 Gbps WiFi connections to London’s so-called “Square Mile”.

As part of the deal, Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Ltd, a joint venture between Vodafone and Telefonica (the owner of O2) will be building what they have called “small cell” 4G mobile hotspots into lampposts, street signs, buildings, and CCTV arrays.

With all of this, they aim to provide superfast internet across the city, and according to the Corporation it will be faster and more technically advanced than similar implementations that you can find around the world, which is thanks to their install of 5G technology, allowing them to future-proof the system for the time when that is eventually rolled out.

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That all said, there is already free WiFi in the City of London that has been provided by Sky since 2006, however, more WiFi definitely can’t be a bad thing, especially when you consider that superfast broadband is hard to come by in the UK, including the Square Mile.

Sadly, it won’t be rolled out until this autumn.

While you wait, you can read more about it at the source link below.

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