Smartphones don’t have amazing batteries, they try their hardest to last the longest, however, there is still some way that we could expand upon that.

E Ink is a great way to do that as it uses extremely low amounts of energy whilst providing you with the information you need.

But until manufacturers actually take advantage of this in a way that fits the product, there is a range of accessories that will add this feature to your smartphone.

Recently Oaxis unveiled their new phone case that will do just that for the iPhone 7, called the Oaxis Inkcase 17, it is a case that will bring E Ink to the iPhone via a screen on the back, it is powered by its own battery and charged through a magnetic charger.

You connect it to your phone over Bluetooth to send display data between the two and has been designed to save you from wasting battery power from repeatedly using your phone’s display.

You can check it out at the source link below, where it is available for purchase today for $99 in the US.

Source: Oaxis

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