Oaxis has been launching their own second-screen cases for some time now, called the InkCase, the range has been designed to add an E-ink display to your iPhone that will allow you to display more and even expand your device’s capabilities with more battery and storage space.

Today they launched a Kickstarter project for the latest of the InkCase cases, the InkCase i7 Plus.

As the name suggests this model has been designed to work with the iPhone 7 Plus, featuring a similar design and specifications to the iPhone 7 model of the InkCase, but with a much larger 5.2-inch rear-facing E-Ink display that can be used to read news articles, display photos, read to-do lists and much more from the back of your iPhone.

The case has also been designed to be drop-proof and waterproof while featuring Bluetooth connectivity and a massive 5-day battery life but still with the crisp reading experience that you would expect from E-Ink via a Carta 1.2 E-Ink screen, which delivers 217dpi and a pixel resolution of 540 x 960.

InkCase i7 Plus delivers beautiful crystal sharp text for a crisp reading experience. You will never go wrong with 217dpi at 540*960 resolution. Using the Carta 1.2 E Ink screen, it is the best in its class for delivering high contrast photos and paper-like reading experience.

Check out the video below for a quick look at the case.

At the time of writing, Oaxis has just launched their campaign for InkCase i7 Plus, they are looking for just S$ 28,000 (around £15,764) to get into production and you can help them reach that by backing the project on Kickstarter if you are interested, a pledge from just S$69 (around £38) will get you a pre-order of the case.

Those who don’t yet have an iPhone 7 Plus can also back for the InkCase IVY case for US$50 (£39.23) to get that case and a US$50 (£39.23) cash voucher for Oaxis’ website to purchase an InkCase i7 later.

The full details can be found about this project at the source link below so be sure to hit that up to find out more and to back the project.

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