There’s only a few days until Obsidian’s Kickstarter project, tonguetwistingly (yes I know that’s not a real word) named Project Eternity ends, but already it’s already hit over 2 million in pledges, which is great news for the project and everyone that thinks they need yet another RPG.

Project Eternity is a new isometric RPG that will play out a real-time event, throughout which players can pause and set-up various commands, which to me sounds pretty confusing, to smooth it over and get a better idea of the game, Obsidian has released to screenshot you can see above, which they have explained with the following quote:

“Early on in the Kickstarter campaign, we told you that we wanted to make maps the Infinity Engine way. That is, we wanted to build 3D levels, render them out as 2D images, and then have our artists paint in beautiful details, highlights, and color-tweaks before they went into the game. Looking back at the levels some of us worked on for Icewind Dale, we were still thrilled with the quality that we could achieve with this approach. For Project Eternity, we’re using 10 years of improvements in rendering technology and hardware to get the job done, but we still love what we can do the “old-fashioned” way. We hope you share our enthusiasm.”

I have to say the screenshot does look obsessively realistic, which is probably due to the fact that artists have pained some of it before it went in-game, personally I cannot wait for this games release, if you want to grab your chance to download copy, click on the source link below:

Source: Kickstater

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