Back at last year’s Connect event, Oculus showed off a prototype for a new standalone headset design called Santa Cruz.

This year they updated us about that prototype during the 2017 edition of their Connect conference in San Jose, California, where they added some new details about the headset alongside the announcement of an upcoming standalone headset called the Oculus Go.

The Santa Cruz is a little different from the Go though.

Oculus describe it as a full VR experience, without needing to be tethered to a PC or tracked by any external cameras.

A year ago they showed off a very early design of this headset and today they updated us about that with a new sleeker design that features six degrees of motion control, without the need for any external equipment.

They say that it will provide full “inside-out” tracking and expanded upon that with the reveal of a new controller to go alongside the headset. They are called the Santa Cruz controllers and feature a grip button and a touchpad in a more compact form-factor than the TOuch.

They also feature new sensors that provide the tracking capabilities for the headset.

Sadly, that’s about all that we know about the headset right now.

Oculus did say that the developer version of the headset will start shipping in 2018 and they released the following video, for now, that’s it but we will be sure to update you as we learn more.


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