During Oculus’ Connect 4 conference in San Jose, California today the virtual reality manufacturers announced the launch of a brand new VR headset called the Oculus Go.

But this is no average headset, this one is pretty special because it has been designed to be used by itself, no PC or anything else needed.

During the conference, the Oculus executive, Hugo Barra described the headset as a way to enable VR for everyday use, a lot of people have yet to get into the virtual reality area because of the requirement to access such content, you need a PC and you have to attach yourself to it with a series of cables most of the time.

Of course, there are headsets that are ready for use with smartphones, however, there’s nothing quite like having one complete unit and that’s what the Oculus Go aims to be.

And all of this is part of Facebook’s goal to get one billion people using virtual reality.

Sadly, the average among us won’t be able to get our hands on the Go until 2018. If you are a developer you will gain access a little quicker as Oculus will be releasing a developer-focused version from November 2017.

When it is released it will be available for $199 in the US.

Sadly, that’s just about all that we know about the Oculus Go just yet. We will update you as we hear more.

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