Ubisoft has been releasing new versions of their Just Dance game yearly for a few years now and this year won’t be much different.

During their press conference at E3 2017 today they showed off more about the upcoming 2018 edition of the game, called Just Dance 2018, it will follow the same principle of the previous games, playing music at you that it expects you will dance to and giving you some points for doing that.

Ubisoft explained more about it with the following on their blog:

Just Dance 2018 also adds a few neat ways to keep your dance-mojo at its peak. Rather than seeing ephemeral points tick up, players can switch to a scoring system that simply counts the calories they’re burning. Real fitness folk can even create their own workout playlist to ensure they exercise to their favourite tracks. As if that wasn’t enough motivation, there are now exclusive rewards to be unlocked by completing Daily Quests – some of which give players a glimpse into the secret lives of the Just Dance coaches.

Also new this year is a kids mode, with eight choreographies designed to encourage healthy movement in a younger audience (on Wii U, Switch, Xbox One and PS4). “We worked with a child development expert on the choreographies and a childrens’ book illustrator for the visuals,” says Pousse. “The menu and interface are also simplified, and feedback during the dances is always positive. We want we children to feel at ease and encouraged to dance.”

Many of the other popular game modes have received a revamp. Online mode “World Dancefloor” (on Wii U, Switch, Xbox One and PS4) for example, in which players can compete against dancers from all over the planet, now brings extra challenges to both co-op and competition. Players can participate in massive cross-platform events, special tournaments, and even join team up for epic boss battles.

It will be released this October for all consoles according to Ubisoft, including the Xbox, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch.

Before then, you can check out the trailer below for a look at the game.

[Update: We have updated this article as a trailer has been released.]

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