This week Ofcom announced that it has fined the UK-based carrier EE a total of £2.7 million for overcharging its customers.

According to Ofcom, EE broke a “fundamental” billing rule on two separate occasions, charging customers who phoned or texted their 150 number as if they were phoning or texting from the US when they were actually phoning from the EU.

Ofcom says that EE overcharged 32,145 customers in total for an amount of £250,000.

They explained more with the following:

First, EE customers who called the company’s ‘150’ customer services number while roaming within the EU were incorrectly charged as if they had called the United States.

This mistake saw customers charged £1.20 per minute, instead of 19p per minute. As a result, at least 32,145 customers were overcharged around £245,700 in total.

Customers were charged £1.20 a minute, rather than the 19p that they were supposed to be charged and even after EE making calls and texts to the 150 number free from November 18th, 2015 in the EU, EE continued to bill more than 7,600 customers until January 11th, 2016.

Those customers were overcharged £2,203.

Most of these customers have been refunded, however, EE was not able to identify at least 6,900 of their customers who were overcharged by £60,000.

As a result, EE donated this sum of £62,000 to charity.

Ofcom has also ordered the company to make further attempts to trace and refund every customer who was overcharged as a result of this.

If you are a current or former customer and believe that you have been overcharged, you can phone EE on 0800 956 6000 to report it.

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