Ofcom has today announced that from July 1st, they will be making it easier for UK residents to switch between fibre optic broadband suppliers, which comes after the regulators original guidance back in May.

The also comes after the communications regulator Ofcom gained approval from the European Commission to set new targets for BT, making the whole process of switching between providers a lot easier.

Currently if a user wants to switch from one fibre-optic provider to another, Openreach (the company that controls BT’s phone and broadband infrastructure), the new ISP will be enforced a £50 connection fee, which is then passed down to the user.

By Ofcom’s new regulations, this fee will now be reduced to £11.

Ofcom has also cut down the minimum-term contract between both BT and the ISPs from one year to just a month, alongside that the regulator will be forced to fix line errors within two working days of being notified about them.

Source: Ofcom

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