If you live in the UK you will be very familiar by now with 0800 numbers, currently if you ring them of a landline they are completely free which hints at the name ‘freephone’, but if you call of a mobile phone on a particular carrier it could cost anywhere up to 21p a minute, which is why the regulatory agency Ofcom are stepping in to make mobiles treated the dame as landlines where free numbers are concerned.

Alongside 0800 numbers, Ofcom also propose to change the 116 freephone prefix to a free number on mobiles as well. But even if this does get finalised the proposal still won’t take effect for 18 months or over, this is to allow companies to change their billing systems and advertising.

This could be the next step to cutting out landlines altogether here in the UK, what do you think? Would you ditch your landline?

Via [Ofcom]

Image Source [Pocket-lint]

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