The government approved regulatory office Ofcom, has today released the details to its research on the best mobile phone networks for phone call quality, a list at which EE has come out on top of, with a rate of 97 per cent of calls completed successfully in rural areas, 95.3 in urban areas, and a total of 92.6 per cent in the UK as a whole.

O2 came in second on the list, with 95.3 per cent in the UK overall, 87.4 per cent in rural areas and 97.7 per cent in urban. Three weirdly got third place, with a score of 94.5 per cent overall, 86 per cent in rural areas and 96 in urban areas.

Vodafone got last place with just 79.9 per cent of calls completed successfully in rural areas, 95.3 per cent in urban and 92.6 in the UK as a whole.

Ofcom also found that 78 per cent of all urban area customers were satisfied with their networks, and 67 per cent were the same in rural areas.

Ofcom did this in order to push these networks to offer a better service, something which already seems to be working as EE, O2, Three and Vodafone have said they will work with Ofcom to develop a common methodology for measuring the rates of calls.

Ofcom will also be published the results from its study comparing 3G and 4G broadband speeds later this year, and is currently working with the government on a £150 million investment into infrastructure, as well as helping to improve Wi-Fi access on railways with a £53 million budget set aside.

You can read the full report below.

Source: Ofcom

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