If you travel round Europe a lot then you will no the costs of checking your Facebook once or twice at the hotel can be astronomical on your mobile phone, and that’s why you should probably sign up with Three who are offering a new flat rate for unlimited European data roaming, allowing customers to consume as much internet as they want from just £5 a day, which any current or new Three customer can do today just be texting them when you arrive at your holiday destination, after which you will get unlimited data until midnight in the UK.

Check out the Press Release below for more information.

[spoiler show=”Show Press Release” hide=”Hide Press Release”]THREE OPENS UP THE INTERNET IN THE EU.

New Euro Internet Pass makes the fear of using data on your smartphone in the EU a thing of the past.

June 13th 2012: From today, Three pay monthly phone customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of the internet on their smartphones whilst holidaying in the EU without the fear of running up a massive bill.

For just a fiver a day, customers can tweet, tag, browse, book, update, upload, search, send, and Google as much as they want without worrying about how much they’re spending.

So, if you’re trying to find that perfect pizzeria, you can just Google it and track it down on a map. If you can’t remember the word for donkey in Spanish, download a translation app. Or, if you really can’t resist finding out what’s going on at work, you can pick up your emails whenever you like and wherever you are. But best of all, you can make everyone back home insanely jealous with loads of gloaty “look where I am right now” type status updates and photos.

Thomas Malleschitz, marketing director at Three said, “We love the mobile internet at Three and we want our customers to enjoy it on holiday as much as they do at home. The Euro Internet Pass gives our customers the freedom to use the internet in the EU without having to think about how many megabytes or gigabytes they are using or where the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot is.

“We’ve been campaigning for lower data roaming rates and welcome the new regulation from Europe. These changes promote competition and allow us to offer our customers a better deal so they no longer have to worry about running up a massive bill when using the internet”.


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