Remember that video that leaked, featuring a new touchscreen Chromebook that a lot of people might be fake, well it wasn’t as Google have just announced the release of the laptop, available for pre-order today.

It packs a 12.85 inch 3:2 ratio display, which they claim has 18% more space than a 16:9 screen. The screen also packs a 2,560X1,700 resolution with a PPI of 239 and a brightness of 400nit, of course it’s also a touch screen.

Inside there’s a dual-core 1.8GHz Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, either a 32GB or 64GB SSD, and 1TB of Google Drive storage free for three years.

The Pixel also includes three microphones, a set of hidden speakers, glass trackpad, a HD camera, two USB ports, a mini displayport, mic/headphone jack, SD card reader, but no Ethernet port.

However there is Wi-FI, LTE and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Google Pixel is available today for pre-order on the play store for $1,299 (WI-Fi only) or $1,449 fr the LTE model, currently only available in the US.

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