So we already have a number of devices that are attempting to take on the Amazon Alexa, they all look pretty similar in their design and features, however, Emotech wants to change that with their own home assistant.

It has been called Olly and intends to take on the existing home assistants by providing a bit more personality and less roboticness.

Olly is said to be capable of adapting its behaviour to match your own over time, adjusting its movements and speech according to the environment that you put Olly within.

Aside from that, Olly provides similar functions to other home assistants, allowing you to find out the weather, play music, and search the web with your voice.

The co-founder of Emotech, Chelsea Chen said the following about Olly:

“Smart homes are coming with the ultimate center piece being a hands-free voice activated device that seamlessly interacts with the wave of services and apps that will be powering these smart homes.”

“Olly delivers all of the above, and goes one step further by learning about the idiosyncrasies of its users to develop its own personality. Communicating with Olly is simple and natural, just speak using natural language and he’ll respond like you’re talking to an old friend.”

Emotech hasn’t revealed any availability or release date details yet, but when they do we will let you know.

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