To Olympus released some new firmware updates for their OM-D E-M1 Mark II, the OM-D E-M5 Mark II, the PEN-F and select Zuiko Pro and Premium lenses, bringing a range of new features to all of the cameras.

Users of the cameras can download the new firmware onto their cameras today, for free.

The updates are pretty interesting because it brings support for the Profoto Air Remote TTL-O, along with a new “Save Settings and Mysets” function that saves your camera’s settings to a computer.

To top that off, there is also a new midtone adjustment function, and the PEN-F will also get new touch-to-select Art Filters that allows you to view the effect in real time.

Here’s the full list of features.

1. Compatibility with Profoto Air Remote TTL-O: Allows you to use the Profoto Air Remote TTL-O with the E-M1 Mark II, E-M5 Mark II and PEN-F models.

2. “Save Settings and Mysets” function saves camera settings on the user’s computer: This has been added to the E-M5 Mark II and PEN-F and allows you to save customised settings to your computer and restore them on the camera when necessary.

3. Midtone adjustment function added to Highlight & Shadow Control: This has been added to the E-M5 Mark II.

4. AF Target Spot Metering provides spot metering at the focus point: AF Target Spot Metering is now available on the E-M5 Mark II.

5. Touch to select Art Filters while viewing sample images on the screen: Sample images that demonstrate the effects of the Art Filter are now shown at the bottom of the PEN-F’s screen.

6. Set the shutter speed to begin raising the ISO sensitivity in ISO AUTO: It is now possible to control the lowest shutter speed setting on the PEN-F.

7. Improved AF Targeting Pad on the rear LCD monitor: The firmware update makes it possible to use touchpad operations on the PEN-F.

8. High Res Shot and Focus Stacking Mode compatibility on non-Olympus flashes: The E-M1 Mark II’s powerful 50MP High Res Shot and Focus Stacking Modes are now supported with both Olympus flashes and flashes from other manufacturers.

9. Automatic switching to rear LCD monitor when shooting with the viewfinder: When shooting through the E-M1 Mark II’s viewfinder during Rec View, the camera now automatically switches to the rear LCD monitor for image playback when the eye is moved away from the viewfinder.

Additional Improvements

  • Improved viewfinder color reproduction during shooting for the E-M1 Mark II lets users compose their image while viewing color more accurately.
  • Improved stability for battery level display for the E-M1 Mark II.

Lens firmware upgrade improvements:

  • (1) M.ZUIKO Digital ED 12-100mm f/4.0 IS PRO Firmware Version 1.1 and M.ZUIKO Digital ED 300mm f/4.0 IS PRO Firmware Version 1.2 improves silent sequential shooting performance when image stabilization is active on the E-M1 Mark II.
  • (2) M.ZUIKO Digital ED 12-100mm f/4.0 IS PRO Firmware Version 1.1 improves 5-Axis Sync IS performance when paired with the E-M5 Mark II and E-M1 Mark II.

You can read more about this update at the source link below.

Source: Olympus

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