There has been a lot of rumours recently over what the new iPhone may look like or when it will be released, and today isn’t any different, yesterday a new 8 megapixel sensor by OmniVision was revealed this has, “a 20 percent improvement in peak quantum efficiency in all color channels, a 35 percent improvement in low-light sensitivity and a 45 percent increase in full-well capacity in an extremely compact and power efficient package.” Quote from OmniVision.

Currently, the iPhone has a very slim camera measuring at 6,5mm, the new OmniVision sensor will fit in an 8.5mm autofocus module, which will also link with the rumor of Apple making their new iPhone a little bit thicker, the camera will also boast an on-chip temperature sensor, alternate row exposure for HDR capabilities and 1080p Video recording.

The new camera will go on show this month, and is expected to be mass produced in the first quarter 2012, since the 5th generation iPhone looks to be released sometime between September or October, this most likely won’t be in the new iPhone, but it would link to the rumor of Apple bringing two phones out by next year, from which they could use this camera with the iPhone 6 or 4S.

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