We haven’t featured a Kickstarter project here on TechNutty for some time, but there defiantly still around,, one of the latest being a new idea to create a pair of headphones that will also charge your smartphone using solar power.

With a black and orange design, the headphones will feature an integrated flexible solar cell across the headband, that will store energy in two Lithium-ion batteries placed with the two ear cups.

If there’s no sun out however, you can still use the headphones as they can be charged using a USB cable via your computer or mains socket.

The headphones will also feature a 40mm audio driver unit, with a 32 +/- 10% Ohm, frequency response of 20hz to 20,000Khz and a 100 +/- 3 dB sensitivity range.

if backed with £200,000, OnBeat will go on sale for £119, but in order to get to that stage they do need to receive full backing.

To find out more and to back the project yourself, hit up the source link below.

Source: KickStarter

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