There is a cool new project that hit Kickstarter today, created by a company called OnBlink who are based in the London, the new device is an ultra small and portable amplifier DAC device.

So small that it can fit in your pocket, the portable DAC has been designed to enhance sounds from your portable device like a laptop, tablet or smartphone

“It doesn’t matter if you purchase a top-of-the-line headset like the ATH M50, if the sound entering into those headphones is poor in the first place.

Why is sound from your mobile devices so poor (at least from the standard of an audiophile)?
Audio files on your computer are like any other files – they are binary, 1s and 0s. It requires a “digital to analog/audio” converter (otherwise known as DAC) to turn those files into sound that you can hear.
Portable device manufacturers (smartphones, tablets, laptops) use the most inexpensive, internal DACs possible, because DACs drain the device’s battery.

So, while headphones have improved, that improvement does you no good if you use them through the headphone jack/DAC of your device. That’s why OnBlink has created the OnBlink Mini Amplifier and the OnBlink Plus Digital to Analog (DAC) Converter and Amplifier.”

Check out the video below for a quick look.

You can also head on over to the source link below for a quick look at the portable amplifier, where you can also pledge from £35 to grab one of your own. OnBlink is looking £20,000 in order to get into production.

Source: Kickstarter

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