We just published an article talking about how Onkyo have just released a new home speaker system, well that’s not all, as alongside it they released the Onkyo RBX-500 Six Channel Docking System, which they say provides a full 3D sound experience within an iOS dock.

The system has been made using a delaying system mechanism on each of the six channels to create the aforementioned sound, and allows the speakers to send audio to the listener at slightly different speed to provide the 3D effect.

All of the six channels have been placed above a down-firing subwoofer which allows for a surround sound effect by sending the audio in all directions, both the iPhone and more or less any iPod can be docked into the system, but if you aren’t an Apple fanboy, Onkyo have the answer with inbuilt Bluetooth technology.

The Onkyo RBX-500 will be available from October in both black and white for £300.

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