Onkyo has just revealed its latest generation of the AirPlay Wireless Audio Systems, named the ABX-N300 iOnly Stream, the device is capable, as you might think of streaming all of your content remotely via your iTunes device, through your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or even laptop or computer.

The Onyko also has a dock built-in so if you prefer not to wirelessly stream your music, you can just dock your Apple device right on top.

The iOnly Stream is also capable of playing FLAC, WAV and WMA Lossless file formats alongside internet radio stations and cloud streaming services such as Spotify.

And if you’re device doesn’t have a 30-pin dock connector or AirPlay capabilities you can still hock it up to the ABX-N300’s with the included 3.5 headset jack.

The Onkyo ABX-N300 will e available from September and will set you back about £300.

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