The cloud based gaming service, OnLive has today relaunched after laying dormant for several years, now offering a new subscription plan to prospective customers, it aims to allow users to play their Steam games anywhere and on any machine using gaming in the cloud.

Called CloudLift, the service costs £9.99 a month without a contract and allows users to connect their account with Steam and play their games collection from any device with the OnLive application, and even save those games in the cloud, allowing you to continue from where you left off even if you left the device you were first plyting on.

On our first start-up we couldn’t get the service to work, guessing they might be having a few first day issues, but what it is supposed to do is show a selection of titles that you already own from the publishers that have already signed with the company, allowing you to play any of these applicable games instantly.

However as I mentioned, this is only with publishers who have agreed to have the game on the service, and so far the only ones who have include Warner Bros and Deep Silver, however OnLive have said that they would like to link to other services like Origin in the future, allowing them to provide a much wider range of games.

To play the games you can either use a PC, Mac, Android tablet or smartphone or the £70 OnLive Game System, which is basically a cheap games console built specifically for use with this service.

Users can also subscribe to something called the PlayBack bundle which allows users to play a selection of games for £6.99 a month.

You can find out more information at

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