Onkyo are very well-known for creating some great speakers, and their newest product, the Living Speaker System and six-channel Bluetooth speakers are no different

The system was announced at this year IFA event in Berlin, and is powered by an amplifier which when partnered with the included active wireless down-firing subwooffer creates an immense sound for your living room.

The system can also be connected to be used with your current remote control for your TV, and can be turned on and off or have the volume changed just as you would do now with your current TV.

The hands-down best feature is TruVolume, which will automatically alter the volume the speakers if it changes unexpectedly, which is great news for anyone who watches late night TV shows and has been woken up by annoying load advertisements, there’s also a Dialogue Mode which detects voices and automatically makes them crisper and sharper.

The Onkyo LS3100 is also compatible with Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR devices, and will release from November for £300.

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