Opalum has today launched their new Flow 1010, slim line floating speakers that promises a sharp design mixed with an unrivaled sound to bring your movie watching experience to life.

If you haven’t heard of them yet, Opalum are a Scandinavain audio company that has developed various new sound solutions for modern environments, which is exactly what they have aimed for with their new Flow 1010 floating speaker, which uses their patented Actisonic and Actline audio technology that will provide a clear, crisp and natural sound.

The new speakers will come packed with a designer exterior that has been designed to look great next to the latest LED and Plasma screens, and includes a hub and RF touch remote.

To be honest the looks of the Flow 1010 really do speak for themselves, but they also include ten precision-made aluminum drivers that use advanced, inverse filtering algorithms and psychoacoustics, alongside which the Flow 1010’s also includes a 20W amplifier for high frequency sound and a 60W amplifier for the low frequencies, providing 80 watts in each speaker.
The Flow 1010 will be priced at £1,649, but can only be purchased by contacting Channel Dynamics for details of their nearest installer.
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